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Start your journey into web development with the building blocks of the internet: HTML and CSS. Tailored for beginners and those looking to enhance their skills, this course guides you through creating visually appealing and structurally sound web pages.

HTML & CSS course
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Lay the foundation for web development with HTML and CSS. This course is perfect for beginners who want to create stunning web pages. Learn how to structure content and style designs, making your websites visually appealing and user-friendly.


Learn to create appealing and responsive web pages, this course will teach you the fundamentals of HTML and CSS.

Design Enthusiasts

Learn how to translate design concepts into functional web layouts and styles using HTML and CSS.

Aspiring Frontend Developers

Acquire the essential skills to craft visually engaging and user-friendly web interfaces.

Career Advancement

Proficiency in HTML and CSS is a fundamental requirement for aspiring frontend development roles. Apply Now!


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Structure and Presentation

HTML defines the structure of web content, while CSS adds style and visual enhancements, ensuring a polished user experience.

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Browser Compatibility

HTML and CSS are supported by all web browsers, providing consistent rendering across different devices.

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Responsive Design

CSS allows you to create responsive designs that adapt to various screen sizes, ensuring a seamless experience on mobile and desktop.

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Code Efficiency

Learning best practices in HTML and CSS results in cleaner, more maintainable code, speeding up development and reducing errors.


Our syllabus covers a wide range of topics, from the basics of HTML & CSS to advance. Here are some of the key modules you’ll learn

HTML Basic syllabus
HTML Advanced syllabus
css basic syllabus
css advanced syllabus

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