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TechPath Research and Development Private Limited implements agile methodology, making better testing performance and providing a comprehensive range of professional services.

A computer with a monitor displaying a graph and numbers, representing data analysis and business intelligence, provides all professional services

High Value

Our collaborative approach, fueled by connection, exploration, creation, and growth, drives remarkable progress. Together, we flourish.

Code Security

We ensure top-tier security using encryption, multi-factor authentication, and vigilant monitoring. Your data is in trusted hands.

Team Management

With a decade of experience, our TechPath team excels through dedication, commitment, management and innovative solutions.

Access Control

Empower efficient system management with our trusted smart device. Secure, seamless, and respected globally for data integrity.

Professional Services

Covering an extensive spectrum, our company delivers web development professional services, products, customizations, and training.

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Our Expertise Courses

Empower Your Business with Advanced Courses in Security, Top Programming Languages, Cloud Infrastructure, and DevOps. Gain a Competitive Edge by Ensuring Robust Protection and Development.




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React JS

Next JS





Experience a more reliable IT journey with our feature-rich products and services, meticulously crafted to cater to your business needs.

Incredible Infrastructure

TechPath boasts cutting-edge servers and robust security, ensuring seamless website performance and top-notch data protection. Your online presence is safeguarded with their advanced infrastructure.

Agile Approach

Agile methodology prioritizes adaptability, empowering teams to respond swiftly to market changes. People-centric and collaborative, it fosters innovation, making TechPath more than just numbers.

Deadline Reminders

Grasp deadline significance for project success. Stay on track and motivated with our deadline reminders, making on-time completion a breeze for big projects or smaller tasks.

Full - Stack teams

Full stack web developers possess the ability to design complete web applications, handling front-end, back-end, database, and debugging. They are versatile experts who deliver holistic solutions.

Modern day Technologies

TechPath thrives in a dynamic IT landscape, embracing cloud computing, machine learning, IoT, AI, and more. These innovations redefine applications, propelling industries into transformation.


Covering all tech bases, TechPath offers website design, software development, cybersecurity, and data analytics. Their adept professionals and advanced tools ensure your business.

Why Choose Us

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We Value Our Client

Digital Engage is heavily invested in the success of our client. We only provide you with recommendation on services that can help improve your business. Our team is dedicated to helping your business grow.

Trustworthy Communication

Our company upholds transparency, denies any involvement in fraud, and remains committed to ethical practices.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimizes your site for top search results on Google, Bing, Microsoft edge and more.

High Skilled Human Resource

Our team is educated, experienced, and dedicated to tasks, ensuring balanced and efficient performance.

We Value Our client

TechPath is devoted to your success. Our experts enhance your business with tailored recommendations.

Why We Are Best From Others

Having completed successful projects, our expertise lies in guiding youth towards the best IT career choices.

Quick Repair Process

Discover our web-based work order system, streamlining repair services, maximizing efficiency, and meeting customer demands. Moreover, its custom work features cater to unique requirements, optimizing processes and delivering exceptional service.

Always Available

By fostering enduring partnerships with clients, we consistently meet deadlines and achieve shared goals. Throughout the process, timely communication is comprehended because we acknowledge that you may have pressing inquiries at any stage.

Fast Services

Valuing your time and promising timely project completion, we ensure professionalism, trust, and unwavering dedication. Count on us to exceed expectations and deliver on time because your success is our top priority. Our team is committed to providing top service

Proud Projects That Make Us
Stand Out

Crafting actionable plans for diverse clients, our focus is on ensuring collective success for all stakeholders

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Based on 81 reviews
kishan kumar (kishan kumar)
kishan kumar (kishan kumar)
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Techpath Reasearch and development is (It) company , where it has focus on software development , digital marketing and student training program . They provide varities of courses for students who are searching for learning new skills . I glad to have such institute in our area mughalsarai. It helped me so much and trainer and owner are so humble , they helped a lot. šŸ˜ŠCongratulations for taking this initiative for student . Thankyou Techpath.
Nishant Jaiswal
Nishant Jaiswal
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One of the most popular institute which teaches you in-depth. Qualifying this institute makes you more worthy than college's degree.
Krit Sankalp
Krit Sankalp
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Very good training institute for programming language in Varanasi
brad henry
brad henry
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Excellent place for IT training at TechPath Research and Development! The courses are well-structured, and the faculty is experienced.
Nidhi Chauhan
Nidhi Chauhan
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Best computer institute and IT company in Mughalsarai
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar
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Good experience
Ritu Parna Banerjee
Ritu Parna Banerjee
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Joining this company has been a fantastic experience! The seamless onboarding process, coupled with the inclusive and supportive work culture, immediately made me feel like part of the team.

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